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More Updates, More Syncing, More Success

As a small business owner, managing finances, invoicing, customer data, and relationships can often feel like juggling with too many balls in the air. This is particularly challenging when your crucial business data is scattered across various systems. Understanding these challenges, Making Wave Talk comes as a brief of hope, offering a streamlined solution for seamlessly syncing your business systems. Here's a deep dive into why becoming a subscriber to Making Wave Talk could be the game-changer your small business has been looking for.

Happy man with all systems synced

Beyond Accounting with Wave Financial

While many small businesses already use Wave Financial for its accounting, invoicing, payments, and payroll features, Making Wave Talk extends its functionality by connecting it to other essential systems. This integration is pivotal for businesses looking to grow, as it allows for a more comprehensive management approach, combining data from various sources like Wix for managing Web Shops and HubSpot for marketing and sales. This synergy of data not only simplifies management tasks but also propels business growth.

At Making Wave Talk, we offer three different plans for businesses to sync Wave with other systems. Our freemium plan lets you try syncing your systems with limited updates available before considering upgrading, giving you 100 updates per month to see how well it works.

Why Go Premium?

While the freemium plan of Making Wave Talk offers a taste of its capabilities, upgrading to a paid subscription unlocks its full potential. Paid plans offer significantly more updates, ensuring data across platforms is always synchronized and current. This is essential for growing businesses that require constant data flow and updates beyond the limitations of the free version. Upgrading is not just about avoiding interruptions; it's about ensuring your business's success without compromise.

You can read more about our different plans here. Knowing what plan works best for your business can be hard to know. Want help choosing the right plan or navigating the setup process? Contact us here or book a a casual video call with us to get your questions answered.

(Plus, our blog is packed with tips and tricks to get the most out of Making Wave Talk.)

Making Wave Talk isn't just another solution—it's your shortcut to making your business run like a dream!


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