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Increase the Quality of Your Web Shop

Individually, both Wave and Wix are great systems. However, when used together, you can skyrocket your business! Integrate Wix with Wave to elevate sales and automate your accounting processes. Try easy data synchronization for free today!

By Making Wave & Wix Talk

With an automated and continuous sync between your systems you’ll eliminate the need for manual data entry and migration and minimize errors. This will free up your team and boost collaboration across departments.

Get Happy Employees

A bi-directional sync between Wave and Wix automates your accounting processes by seamlessly sending invoices from Wix to Wave and automatically account it. Additionally, it lets you sharing the payment status and  previous invoices back to Wix so that the customers can get an overview of their purchase history. 

Simplify Accounting

Connecting Wave and Wix lets you deliver an excellent shopping experience 24/7 with up-to-date products, product information and prices. Additionally, it empowers you to customize messaging and offers based on customer purchase history and activity.

Get Happy Customers

With a data integration between Wave and Wix you can automate your sales processes. Offers and what the customer see in the web shop can be customized and based on previous and current purchases done by the customers.

Automate Sales Processes

Automated synchronization for orders, prices, and contact data means faster, error-free invoicing, ensuring timely payments and improving cash flow. Get your billing on point and get happy customers!

Lightning-Fast Order Processing

Synchronization of customer data and purchase history between Wave and a web shop allows you to tailor campaigns to previous and current customers based on previous purchases and campaigns and offers to potential customers based on what similar customers bought. 

Attract Customers & Increase Sales

Products, product information, and prices will stay up-to-date in both systems. Plus, the purchase and invoice will be registered in both systems, be automatically accounted in Wave and sent back to Wix so that the customer can get an overview of previous purchases, allowing you to deliver a good and automated web shop 24/7. 

Keep Your Shop Open 24/7

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Here's a breakdown of the corresponding data types that are synchronized between Wave and Wix!

This is Synced Between Wave and Wix

Making Wave and Wix Talk is Easy

Whether you're at your computer or on the go with your smartphone, our user-friendly, secure, and cost-effective solution simplifies the process – no technical skills required.


How to set it up, step by step:​


Make sure that you're signed in on both Wave and Wix.

1. Sign up​

2. Connect your Wave account

3. Connect your Wix account

Voilà! You have now connected your Wave and Wix, and you are ready to harvest the benefits. We’ll notify you by email when the synchronization is live!

By syncing Wave Financials with Wix, you can seamlessly connect your financial data with your sales and marketing activities, enabling a holistic view of your customers and business operations. Here are some of the benefits you can achieve with Making Wave Talk:

Benefits of Syncing Wave with Wix

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Wix logo

Syncing Wave and Wix ensures seamless sharing of up-to-date customer data between both systems. This lets you transfer information about both old and existing customers directly into Wix, as well as getting information about new customers straight into Wave.



Implementing full data sync automation eliminates the need for manual import and export of data in Wix and Wave. This opens limitless opportunities for enhancing your business processes.

Full Data Sync Automation

Say goodbye to tedious manual work and embrace the power of data-driven decision-making. Elevate your business efficiency, enhance customer relationships, boost overall productivity, and get more happy employees with Wave Financials and Wix working seamlessly together.

Say Goodbye to Manual Work

Wix Sync Coming Soon

Exciting news! We're cooking up something amazing – the Wix webshop sync is soon available. We want you to be among the first to experience it.

Sign Up and Get Notified!

Get Early Access

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Would you like to try connecing Wave to Wix for free? 

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Connecting Wave and Wix automates the data transfer once an order is made, streamlining the conversion of webshop orders into accurate Wave invoices. This not only speeds up the invoicing and payment procedures but also accelerates the order-to-payment cycle. The automation of transferring order data from Wix to Wave additionally minimizes the likelihood of errors, guaranteeing the generation of precise, high-quality invoices. This enhancement results in a faster and more efficient journey for both the company and its customers.



Deliver an excellent shopping experience 24/7 by showing up-to-date products, product information, and prices. All can be controlled both in Wave and in Wix and will be synced automatically between the two systems- whichever you prefer, it’s your choice! 



  • Freemium Talk

    Effortless data sync across multiple systems at no cost.
    Free Plan
    • All features
    • Unlimited systems
    • 20 updates and Wave customers a month included *
  • Small Talk

    Every month
    Effortless data sync across multiple systems designed specifically for small companies.
    • All features
    • Unlimited systems
    • 100 updates and Wave customers per month included *
    • + $25 for 25 additional updates and Wave customers
  • Talk

    Every month
    Effortless data sync across multiple systems designed specifically for medium and large companies.
    • All features
    • Unlimited systems
    • 500 updates and Wave customers per month included *
    • + $25 for 100 additional updates and Wave customers
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