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About Us

Welcome to Making Wave Talk, brought to you by Sesam – your partner in transformative data synchronization. We specialize in simplifying data integration for businesses, enhancing their user experiences with Wave by seamlessly connecting it to other vital systems within your organization.


Making Wave Talk is a subscription-based service designed to effortlessly synchronize your Wave data between Wave and other systems, automating sales and invoicing processes. Our focus is on meeting the growing demand for fast and easy solutions, allowing you to use your systems with our 'automagical' service effortlessly.


Our decision to embark on this new journey, creating a solution specifically for Wave users, stems from a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in today's fast-paced business landscape. We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about simplifying work processes for businesses like yours. Our mission is to enable your organization to concentrate on its core activities, eliminating the need for manual, time-consuming tasks.


With over a decade of industry expertise, Sesam has redefined system integration, helping many businesses achieve growth and efficiency. We are committed to delivering a seamless accounting experience for Wave users to help them save valuable time, reduce costs, enhance customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive success.


Join us on this exciting journey towards effortless integration by making Wave talk with your systems!

Axel Borge

Founder and CEO at Sesam 

Maria Lorenze Foldal

Head of Marketing at Sesam

Ellis Igneri

Product Expert at Sesam 

Selma Marie Sandanger

Content Marketing Specialist

Tea Natalie Sandanger

Digital Marketing Specialist

Ole-Morten Dale

Support Manager at Sesam

Who are we?

Sesam has a diverse team of talented individuals, including product experts, sales professionals, and more, all contributing to our journey. Here are some of the people working on making Making Wave Talk a success!

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