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By Connecting Wave With a Web Shop

Sell Everywhere

If there are any specific systems you would like to sync with Wave, we would love to hear from you. Send us an email and let us know what you are missing!

By connecting Wave with your web shop you can automate the sales and customer journey.

Automate Sales

By always keeping product information and prices up-to-date.

Get Happy Customers

Simplify Accounting

By sending the invoice from your web shop to Wave and automatically account it.

With Making Wave Talk you will benefit from seamless and automated processes to manage your purchases and customers by connecting Wave with your online store.


Automate your sales and customer journey, your accounting and payment handling processes and deliver excellent customer experience. With our two-way synchronization you’ll send payment information from your web shop straight into Wave, automatically account it, and send the invoice information back to the web shop to give your customers an overview of their purchasing history. Product information and prices will always stay up to date across the two systems and you can sell 24/7 without the need for immediate support. Result? More sales, easier workday and happier customers!

Web Shop

Don't Have a Web Shop?

Why you Should Connect a Web Shop to Wave

A web shop or an online store is a digital marketplace used to sell products and services online. 

What is a Web Shop?

Imagine a scenario where all your customer data, transactions, and product information effortlessly synchronize between your accounting software and web shop.

Don’t yet have a web shop? No worries, this is your que to seize the opportunity. Let us show how you can set one up and fill it with your Wave data, for free,  right away!

Wave logo

Exciting news! You can now seamlessly connect Wave with Wix. This sync automates sales and invoicing processes, ensuring real-time updates in both systems. Try it today!

By automating data transfer between Wave and Wix, freeing them from manual tasks.

Get happy employees

By offering a user-friendly web shop that is open 24/7, with precise product information.

Attract Customers and Increase Sales

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Wix logo

Web Shops to Connect to Wave:


Shopify is the go-to platform for millions of merchants worldwide, empowering businesses to sell products seamlessly online, in person, and globally. Check out the benefits of connecting Wave with Shopify, and sign up to be among the first to try it


WooCommerce isn't just any e-commerce platform: it's your all-in-one solution for seamlessly building and managing your online store. Want to sync Wave with WooCommerce? Sign up to show your interest and get early access!

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