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From Oversight to Insight

The Norwegian consulting company Vilmar AS, formerly known as Vangen&Plotz and Apriil Digital Innlandet, specializes in creating digital solutions to simplify everyday life for its consumers and their customers. They are constantly looking for ways to strengthen their business and improve the experience for their customers. Since using Sesam Integration, Vilmar AS has taken their business to a new level. 

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"We discovered customers we hadn't billed for our services." 

In the process of taking over as CEO, Pål Messenlien did a thorough clean-up within the company. Among other things, several costs were discovered to not have been invoiced due to manual processes and lack of overview. With integration from Sesam, and making their systems talk, they have gained more overview, and automatic processes that ensure that such errors are avoided. 

"In our previous workflow, there was a noticeable gap between the sales and billing processes for developing and hosting web solutions. The process was as follows: After a sale of new websites was completed, development work started and the solution was prepared for production. During the development period, which can often last up to a year, billing the customer for hosting was regularly overlooked. This led to significant losses over time as billing was sometimes completely forgotten.", says Pål Messenlien, CEO of Vilmar AS. 

To address this issue, Vilmar AS implemented Sesam integration between HubSpot and their ERP system. This integration ensures careful monitoring and handling of sales agreements and associated invoicing items. By eliminating the gap in the workflow, it is ensured that all billing processes are handled automatically upon entering into a sales agreement. No more billing errors and losses due to human errors.

A significant time saving 

"The integration has also resulted in a significant time saving in the workflow, as we now have a full overview of the customer relationship and billing details directly in HubSpot. Everything is gathered in one place, which makes it easier for consultants to determine what is included in the customer's agreement," continues Messenlien. 

By reducing manual errors and automating routine tasks, the integration by Sesam has given them a more efficient and easy workflow. "It also enables employees, even those not in the accounting department, to create invoices," notes Messenlien. "This has resulted in significant savings and a more efficient operation.

Vilmar AS saves both time and money by using Sesam's integrations and is very pleased with the results. "It's worked out really well for us," Pål concludes. "We are now looking internally at the company to see if there are any customers we can recommend using the solution too.

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