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Stay Ahead of the Game - Automate Sales and Invoicing

The market for online stores has never been bigger. Many products and services are bought online, and the competition is high. The customers' expectations for a fast and easy shopping experience are only getting higher, and they seek assurance that the information on the website is correct.

When a customer makes a purchase, they expect to receive a confirmation e-mail right away and to be able to track the order or access their order information. It doesn’t take long before the customer has an impression of the website or brand and decides whether or not they will use the same service again.

For business owners wanting to sell their products online, ensuring that their webshop is enjoyable for the customer to use is therefore crucial. This is what makes the customers return to your site. Both customer service and the quality of your products are also important parts of creating a good reputation for your brand. Having errors on your website and slow customer service can cost your business a lot!

As a small business owner, there might not be enough resources to build a site from scratch and ensure that every part of the customer journey works smoothly. Luckily, we have created a solution for just this! Our service connects Wave to Wix. If you are not already using Wave or Wix, these are systems your business can easily sign up to and start using for free, and you can create a webpage using one of Wix’s many free templates.

By connecting a webshop to an accounting system, you will automate a lot of time-consuming tasks, so that you can put your focus elsewhere. Information will be automatically synced, which means fewer human errors, less manual work, world-class customer service, and faster invoicing and payments. You can also keep your shop open 24/7 and take a well-deserved rest while your business keeps growing.


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