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A Short Guide on How to Set up Making Wave Talk With a Test Account

Signing up for something new can be scary. Especially when it involves your data. We get it. So here is our idea; Test Making Wave Talk before adding your data, without any personal information or passwords needed. With a test user, you can see all the steps, go back and forth, and get comfortable before syncing your account. Let us explain how!

Create a new Wave User for testing. Go to and click “Sign up for Free” or click here to be taken there directly.

Sign up:

Fill in your Email or sign up with your Google account, answer Wave´s questions, and boom, you can now explore Making Wave Talk with your new test user.

Let's try it out!

Head back to Making Wave Talk, and try for free by clicking “Try now”. Sign up with Email or continue with your Google or Microsoft account. Follow the instructions and connect your new test-Wave account. Experience how easy the process is, get familiar with our webpage and service, and test it out before connecting your real Wave user.

Done testing and want to get the real thing? Follow the same steps, but this time, connect your actual Wave account! Experience the benefits of synced systems safely and easily.

Do you have any questions, or need help with either your test account or getting started for real? Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us here and we will be with you shortly. You can also book a free session with us, and we can go through the steps together!

For a more in-depth guide on how to create a test account and try our service for free, click here!


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