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Make your systems talk to enhance team collaboration and gain a unified business perspective

Are you utilizing Wave for invoicing, order management, and tracking finances? As an accountant, you play a critical role in your business, overseeing its financial health and ensuring smooth operations. While Wave simplifies these tasks, other departments within your company might use different systems, like HubSpot, to manage customer interactions and sales.

Why having a 360-degree view of your business is important

A cohesive view of the sales department's activities is essential for accurate invoicing and timely payments. Vital information, such as customer details, order history, pricing, and payment types, directly impacts your invoicing process. However, since Wave and HubSpot are not connected, verifying and cross-referencing information manually or waiting for updates from sales can be time-consuming and may lead to a higher risk of errors.

Making Wave Talk is just what you need!

But, what if there was a solution that seamlessly integrated Wave and HubSpot? A way to ensure you always have access to up-to-date, accurate information, making your accounting tasks efficient and reliable, while enhancing customer satisfaction. Making Wave Talk seamlessly links Wave and HubSpot in just a few clicks, eliminating any risks or efforts on your part. No setup process is needed, allowing you to remain focused on your core responsibilities.

Teams working with the same data synced between Wave and HubSpot

No more worries

With our subscription service, you no longer need to worry about information discrepancies between departments. The two-way synchronization keeps your data accurate in both Wave and HubSpot, streamlining workflows, improving collaboration, and ultimately providing a higher quality of service to your customers. To make it even better, we offer a free version for you to try so that you can see the benefits for yourself.

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your accounting process and create a more cohesive customer journey. Start making Wave and HubSpot talk today!


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