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Create Magic by Connecting Wave, HubSpot, and Wix!

Imagine smoothly working with sales, marketing, and accounting without the hassle of switching between systems, and double-checking customer details and numbers to make sure everything's right.

What if sales and marketing could easily see the customer's financial and order history, making it easy to tailor marketing and customer services? And what if accounting didn’t have to ask sales or check the CRM system before sending invoices? Let us share our secret spell for a smooth and efficient workflow!

Find your inner Wave wizard and use your magic to boost your business’s success. In just a few clicks you can combine systems designed for each specific purpose, into one great bundle of accurate and up-to-date information, accessible when needed. Bim, bam, bim.

Wave handles your invoices, HubSpot manages customer contacts for sales and marketing, and Wix showcases your products on a webshop, making your business easily accessible to customers. But why should these systems be communicating?

Because your business is a team effort. Different departments deal with the same customers at different stages of the customer journey. Look at it from the customer's view and create a smooth journey to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

For this to work, your team needs to trust that the info they have—like names, addresses, orders, and payments—is right. When a deal is closed the invoice that is sent out should be correct. When customers browse through your web shop, product info and prices should always be updated, and the payment process should be simple and trustworthy. Connecting Wave, HubSpot, and Wix will ensure all of this.

Now let us teach you the spell, so that you can boost your business:

- Sign up.

- Log into Wave.

- Log into HubSpot or Wix.

The process only takes a few minutes, and your systems will be synced. After that, there is nothing more for you to worry about. Enjoy having a more efficient and satisfied team, less frustration and manual work, and most importantly happy customers!


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