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A Simple Guide to Wave

Accounting can be overwhelming. Therefore, having a good platform to manage your business's finances and invoicing is crucial. Wanna take the first step towards an easier and more efficient workflow? Let's get you a Wave Financial account for free!

Maximize the value

Wave Financial is a user-friendly accounting platform that empowers businesses and entrepreneurs to manage their finances seamlessly. With Wave, you can get a full overview of your Accounting, Invoicing, Payments, Payroll, and more! This article will guide you through the process of getting started, and as a bonus, we will even show you how to sync your new Wave account with Wix or Hubspot using Making Wave Talk, giving you all the benefits of having synced systems!

Let's ride the Wave!

First things first, head over to and click “Sign up for Free” or click here to be taken there directly.

Sign up:

Fill in your Email or sign up with your Google account- no credit card required.

Business Details:

Share a bit about your business to personalize your Wave experience.

Account ready!

Voila! Your account is set up, and you can start using Wave Financial. Personalize your account to best fit our needs and explore the platform. With your new Wave account in place, you can now manage your financials like a pro, without accounting anxiety!

Syncing = Super Powers

Want to take it a step further? With Making Wave Talk, you can connect your Wave account with Hubspot and Wix and sync data between the systems. This gives your business a super efficiency boost and provides you with a holistic view of your customers and business operations! Simplify sales, engage your customers, and ensure accurate financial records at all times.

Let's get synced!

To sync Wave and with your other systems for free, click “try now” in our top right corner, or press here! Don’t worry. It is totally safe, super easy, and completely free.

Sign up and connect Wave

Sign up with your Email or continue with your Google or Microsoft account. Follow the instructions and connect your Wave account. You will be transferred to to log into your account. Sign in to Wave and permit Sesam to finish the connection. This does not give Sesam access to your account or personal details.

Connect chosen system

Press the box for the system you want to sync next. Sign into your Wix or HubSpot account, follow the instructions on the screen, and voila! You are now connected! We will notify you in a few days to let you know when your systems are fully synced.

Enjoy the benefits of connecting your financial data with your sales and marketing activities, delivering first-class customer service, and taking your business to the next level!

Need help?

If you need additional assistance or guidance during the setup process, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact us here, or book a free demo with us down below!


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